TITLE: Rhodi's Light
AUTHOR: Megan Linski
SERIES: The Rhodi Saga Book 1
PUBLICATION DATE: September 4 2016
PUBLISHER: Gryfyn Publishing
SOURCE: Free ARC from author for an honest review

Flight. Hyperspeed. Clairvoyance. 

These are some of the powers gifted to the Rhodi, an ancient sect of assassins who defend Crescentia, a dystopian world with a dying hope. 

Dyliana Fairsson is one of them. After losing her parents to a suspicious accident, she and her twin brother, Devin, join the Rhodi to avoid starvation. Under the direction of her master, Dylan struggles to learn the strength of her magic …as well as hide the growing scars on her wrists. Can Dylan become the warrior, the hero, she’s destined to be? Or is she fated to fall from the light into the darkness?

The first installment in the epic fantasy series by bestselling author Megan Linski, Rhodi’s Light is an action-packed thrill ride that will leave readers begging for more.

I loved Megan Linski's kingdom saga but i ADORE the Rhodi Saga

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Crescentia is a country where some states are fighting to maintain their freedom. And standing between The Hunter's Guild and the enslavement of some of the countries are the Rhodi soldiers. But their numbers are dwindling. Twins Dyliana and Devin find themselves orphaned in the midst of an accident and join the Rhodi under the care of two Rhodi siblings Tavana and Talidin.
The characters in this book are all amazing. True you had the main characters but ALL of them were 3-dimensional and so well developed with their unique personalities. Dylan (Dyliana) was the fierce sister who suffered alone, Devin was the nerdy and sweet twin. 

For me the reason i loved this book so much was because i could relate to Dylan's loss and all her emotions, And when Talidin comforted her i felt like he was talking directly to me. I loved watching her reconnect and learn to trust other people and to allow someone to help her, was so touching and again, quite relatable. I'm trying to make this review less "personal" but i just connected on a personal level with this character. Honestly speaking, i have never ever connected with a book and character as much as this one and Dylan.

If you're looking for a romance book then this only has a a little bit because i think it only comes in the second book. This book is about a girl finding a family after she lost everything and most of all it was about a daughter and a father finding each other.

I cannot explain how much i cried when i read this book. It was a vivid roller coaster of pure and raw emotions for me especially. And her relationship with Talidin was gold, it made me cry and it made me so happy i can't even describe it. Their relationship blossoms under the harsh circumstances and I found myself getting attached to these characters as much as they were to each other.

I may have mentioned this before but i am a total sucker for brother-sister relationships and this book had loads so i was completely satisfied! On one side you had Dylan and Devin and the other Tavana and Talidin.

Aside from all the crying there were some moments you just couldn't help to but laugh like when Talidin and Dylan were paired up as master and student their reactions where gold!!!!!!
Before they were like

and then after a LOT of work they were like

Amazing feels and beautiful character building aside, the plot was very well developed and really interesting. There were loads of unexpected twists the author revealed and i loved watching everything play out! 

Awesome unique characters, action, comedy, twists, love, friendship, the power of family, everything collides in this gripping roller coaster of raw emotion!


TITLE: Hidden Blade
AUTHOR: Pippa Dacosta
SERIES: Soul Eater Series Book 1
PUBLISHER: Self-Published
SOURCE: Free copy from author in exchange for honest review

"They call me devil, liar, thief. In whispers, they call me Soul Eater. They’re right. I’m all those things—and more." 

Kicked out of the underworld and cursed to walk this earth for all eternity, Ace Dante finds solace in helping others avoid the wrath of the gods.

But when warrior-bitch, Queen of Cats, and Ace's ex-wife, Bastet, hires him to stop whoever is slaughtering her blessed women, Ace is caught between two of the most powerful deities to have ever existed: Isis and Osiris.

The once-revered gods aren’t dead.

They’re back.

And Ace is in their way.

Welcome to a New York where the ancient gods roam.

Hidden Blade is a whirlwind of action!

And i will now say some of the wisest words that have ever come out of my 17 year old self:

 Before i start ranting let me just say that i have had to read snippets of this book late at night when i'm supposed to be sleeping.. i swear to god my mom glares at me whenever i have a book that is not a chem textbook...And the worst part was i always had to stop in the middle of an action scene where i would either fall asleep or gather any shred of self-responsibility i'm supposed to have and put my kindle away..honestly i think it just made me crave and love this journey the book takes us on even more!!!

Ace is know as the "Nameless One," with his life tied to an irritated woman named Shu as punishment, he spends his days hunting demons and resisting the urge to eat souls. But that all changes when Bastet, his ex wife comes asking for his help to so solve the mystery surrounding the pregnant women who have died. As if a reunion with his ex wife isn't enough, Ace is summoned by Osiris and he soon becomes a pawn  in the plans of the Egyptian Gods

Ace is a total smartness. From the beginning of the book you get introduced to a character who has a lot of shit in his life and ends up appearing more and more yummy!  What i liked about this book was the mystery of Ace's past. The author would keep dropping hints of his past and she would keep reminding us that Ace is someone powerful and his past is darker than we could have imagined. I mean he got kicked out of hell!!

I really liked the unique take on the relationship between Isis and Osiris where they transgress from the typical romantic duo and become power hungry and selfish. The gods really took on special roles and developed into characters of their own.

There was some romance in the book but i didn't really miss it because if the author had bombarded us with romance, we wouldn't have gotten to the real essence of the book which for me personally was the action, Ace's Kickassery and of course the mystery behind the killings

There is just something about Pippa's writing whether it's her smartass enticing characters or her gut-squeezing action scenes that keep you on the edge of your seats, that just completely captivates you and you can't help but fully immerse yourself into her amazing story line!


TITLE: Sigil In Shadow
AUTHOR: Constance Roberts
SERIES: Book 1
PUBLISHER: Cedar Fort. Inc.
SOURCE: free ARC for an honest review

Ellary Dane knows she deserves to die

- but not for a crime she didn’t commit.

She believes her 19 year streak of bad luck is over when she accidentally saves the life of a highborn officer and is taken to court to study under the tutelage of the most renowned healer in the kingdom. Suspicions surround her sudden presence, making her more enemies than allies. She soon finds herself ripped from her warm palace sheets and thrown into a dank prison cell.

As nobles vie for their spot on the throne, Ellary learns she is bound to a secret history that could change the kingdom forever. If she is going to break her chains, she must trust the charming stranger labeled as her accomplice and face the lie that pushed her into the silent warfare of highborn society.

Ellary Dane's life is harsh. With a drug addict of a father and no mother, she relies on her healing skills and knowledge of plants to keep her father and herself off the road. Her only hope is to marry into a rich family but things take a wrong turn from there. One night, Ellary heals a highborn officer who was knocked unconscious, or so she thinks. A while later, she is summoned to the castle where the officer said he was brought back from death, unable to deny his claim on front of the king, Ellary is sent into apprenticeship in the palace with the aim to recreate the potion withing six months. But as time runs out. Ellary becomes entangled in the dark web of politics and the power hungry lords as she soon finds that she is not who she thinks she is...

First of all a big big thanks to the author for letting me take part in the tour!

Constance Roberts has again written a beautiful book with a great historical backdrop. The world building was well established from the beginning to clear away the reader's questions and leave their attention fixed on Ellary and her journey. I think the story itself was really unique and took and interesting turn that i didn't expect!

Ellary as a character, is a survivor. I think any teen girl can relate to her because she's not faultless and she has a lot of pressure on her. You can really understand the situation she's in and the dilemma she's in. Yet she never gives up and remains determined to survive.

Though she wasn't the main character. i think my favorite character was Corrin, the princess. The author left room for the novel to take on a new path where we follow Corrin's struggle to be a princess in a kingdom where her marriage to a wealthy man is essential for the reign of her family. We've seen snippets of her and her love interest which she might not be able to marry and i'm so excited to read more about her! She intrigued me so much!!

My favorite scene in the book was the night when the girls sneaked out to a party where everyone wore masks. I was completely awed in that scene, i was gulping down the details, the colors the atmosphere; everything! And man i wanted to be there!!!!

The love story wasn't prominent in the book but since we met the love interest, when he winked i was like (whew i realize how creepy that gif is :P)

This book will keep you hooked with it's amazing story line, courageous protagonist and dazzling background. The author is able to project a great story to her readers and i cannot wait to read more! If historical fiction is your thing, then you definitely do not want to miss out on this!